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Enable trust within distributed teams, maximize their productivity and reinforce their loyalty

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FLYDESK implements flexible work programs and gives greater control to organizations operating remote teams, resulting in accelerated and sustainable growth for their business.

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consulting to implement your flex policy

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design aligned with your organization

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management tools for work efficiency

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Empower your flex organization

Leverage our expertise and partner network

FLYDESK helps you shape your digital culture and gets you access to the best offers for gear, apps and services adapted to your distributed teams.

Work locations tailored to your business

FLYDESK identifies the best flexible workspaces that match your criteria and values to maximize your team performance while fitting within budget.

Trust your team regardless of location or time zone

FLYDESK enables team members to share their work status and location, while analytic capabilities help managers optimize their distributed organization.


Flexible work benefits for your business

Cost savings

Reduced costs related to office space rental and equipment, lower recruitment charges, limited travel expenses and optimized workforce salary.

People satisfaction

Time optimization with less time in transport, employee happiness and better health due to lower stress levels, increased loyalty and team positive spirit.

Business performance

Increased productivity and working hours, accelerated talent acquisition with access to a global pool of talents and skills, creativity and motivation are boosted.

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