Our mission

FLYDESK provides a selection of premium workspaces and services for a community of modern and flexible professionals in need of style, comfort and tools to be productive wherever they work from.

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Choose your perfect place to work

Premium workspace

We select the best coworking spaces that meet our standards of comfort and performance

Intuitive search

Our location module helps you find and compare coworking spaces based on your criteria

Instant enquiry

We connect you with preferred coworking locations and help you get settled with no hassle


One-stop shop for flexible work


Curated high-tech products and accessories making flexible professionals more comfortable and productive as they travel or work from anywhere


Communicate and collaborate efficiently with your teammates and partners wherever you are with our guide to applications


Maintain your work performance by bringing you, wherever you are, all the business services you would get in a traditional office


Empower your distributed team

1 ⁠- Transformation consulting

2 ⁠- Workspace management

3 ⁠- Team management

Enable trust within teams working remotely and give them access to work locations that fit your budget and needs.

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